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      My uncle drove me home that afternoon. There were my Mom and Dad.Harry and Virginia Mae”Hi Sherry! Did you have fun?” And my answer”Yes I had a lot of fun.” I walked to my room so neither of them would smell the beer that might have been on my breathbut Mom found out later. I had spilled some on my dress in the car and it smelled. She was all over uncle for thatHe apologized and told her “one beer [actually four]I mean come onshe is almost of age and it’s part of bowling.” My Mom, Virginia Mae, calmed downno harm no foul as far as she knewand the only harm was that uncle had opened my eyes and my thighs to new pleasures that gave me dreams of things to come.
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      energized. On the way home we picked up some groceries and stopped at the liquor store to
      Oh I see how it is Shelly spat in jealousy as she eyed Lynne. Leave now Shelly Bill said. Shelly said you will be mine again Bill just wait and she got in her old truck and left the driveway in a hurry.
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      “You wanted a perfect family, and it will be. You’re going to be our perfect slave. You’re going to raise our child. Be such a wonderful nanny. You’ll clean. You’ll suck Daddy’s cock and eat my pussy. Every night, you’ll get to sleep at the foot of our bed and listen to Daddy make love to me. Isn’t that nice?”
      Suddenly, I realized I was scarcely breathing. My heart was racing and my chubby had evolved to a full blown boner. I couldn’t believe seeing my mom in a threesome was actually turning me on. I had never looked at my mom in a sexual way, but right now my young teenage cock was at full attention and stretching the material of my underwear. Then, I became conscious of the fact that my mom was not my mom right now. She was a sex object who was in a threesome with two young men. For the first time in my life, I was beginning to have lust filled feelings toward my own mother.
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      I could hardly breath as I walked into the kitchen, the party thining. You followed me, alone in the shadows of the light. You touched me, hands hot and rough. I melted. Your lips found mine and we kissed. My body was yours. I ached and dripped for every piece of hot flesh you had. To feel your powerful hands spreading my thighs. Lapping at my dripping cunt.
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      my own discomfort I sprayed Paisley square in the face again

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